Making a claim

3. Your jobcentre appointment

Once you’ve made your claim you will need to make an appointment for your new claim interview at the jobcentre. If your circumstances mean you don’t need to come to the jobcentre, your online account will be used to explain what you need to do instead.

How to make an appointment

To book an appointment at the jobcentre you will need to phone the Universal Credit service centre. You will be given the number to call when you have made your claim.

You will be asked for your National Insurance number when you call.

You need to book an appointment within 7 days of completing your online claim. If you wait longer than this you may have to make your claim again, which would mean a longer wait for your first payment.

The person you speak to at the Universal Credit service centre will book an appointment for you at your local jobcentre. They will tell you what information you need to take to that appointment.

The details of your appointment will also be shown in your online Universal Credit account.

You will not receive a letter confirming your appointment.

What to expect at your appointment

Your appointment will be in 2 parts:

  • an identity check
  • a conversation with your work coach

If you are claiming as a couple you will both need to attend the appointment.

Identification checks

You will need to bring some documents to your appointment to prove that you are who you said you were in your Universal Credit claim. You will still need to do this even if you verified your identity online.

Documents you can use include:

  • UK passport
  • EEA passport
  • UK photo driving licence
  • National identity card
  • Residence permit or card
  • Immigration status document
  • Registration or naturalisation certificate

What you need to bring with you will be explained to you when you make your online claim.

You will also need to bring other documents that prove things you included in your Universal Credit claim, such as:

  • your tenancy agreement or an up to date rent statement
  • wage slips
  • a bank statement
  • proof of savings

Meet your work coach

When you submit your claim form you will be told whether you will be expected to look or prepare for work. If you are, you will be given a work coach who will support you and help you to find a job.

The purpose of this appointment is to:

  • help you understand how Universal Credit works and what will happen next
  • work with you to agree a plan to improve your work situation – things such as getting ready to work or finding a job
  • sign your Claimant Commitment – this sets out what you have agreed to do in return for getting Universal Credit
  • find out if you need any support with budgeting or an advance to help you through to your first monthly payment date

If you feel you need some extra support for this appointment you can bring a friend or relative with you. If you can, contact the jobcentre in advance to let them know, and to explain why you’d like that help.

If you’re claiming as a couple, you will have separate discussions with your work coach.

You will discuss your next appointment and how often you need to attend your local jobcentre to meet with your work coach. Your appointments will be shown in your online account.