Universal Credit and employers

1. What Universal Credit means for employers

Universal Credit provides support for people who are working and earning a low income, as well as for those looking for a job. By the time it is fully in place it is expected that around 8.5 million people will be claiming Universal Credit, and many of those will be in work.

As an employer you may already have some employees who are Universal Credit claimants, and you are likely to have more in the future. The information on these pages and in the Employer Guide to Universal Credit is intended to help you:

  • make best use of the opportunities that Universal Credit brings your business
  • support your employees with accurate and useful information

Photo of Ciara Pryce of VGC Group. Quote: "Universal Credit aims to make the benefit more flexible, so it is always better to work. Having no specific maximum working hours in a week before the benefit is cut means that people can increase their hours, undertake overtime, and ultimately make themselves more financially independent."