Helping someone claim

1. How to use this section

This section is for organisations and individuals who might help someone:

  • understand whether they should be applying for Universal Credit
  • make a Universal Credit claim
  • manage their claim once they’re on Universal Credit

Use the links at the top of this page for an overview of the main things you need to know about Universal Credit.

If you would like more detail, the Universal Credit guide finder provides links to all the official information available for landlords, claimants and anyone supporting them.

There’s also the guide for stakeholders and partners, which is for organisations that might support people who are claiming Universal Credit. It includes links to guides, tools and reference materials that will help your staff and customers understand Universal Credit.

And landlords and housing organisations should see the guidance for landlords

For more detail about specific parts of Universal Credit, or to find out how it works from a claimant’s perspective, visit the relevant sections throughout the rest of this site. New to Universal Credit is a good place to start.