Support for those fleeing the conflict in Ukraine

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People arriving in the UK from Ukraine because of the Russian invasion can apply for financial help immediately and get extra help to find work. 

If you were resident in Ukraine immediately before 1 January 2022 and are fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine, you and your family can apply for benefits from the day you arrive in the UK.  

Click the links below to find out more about each benefit, including how you can apply and whether you may be eligible. You will also need to have qualifying immigration status

  • Universal Credit – this could support you if you are on a low income, out of work or unable to work due to a health condition or disability. 
  • Housing Benefit – if you are aged over 66 and you live in rented accommodation, this can help you pay your rent if you’re on a low income, or claiming benefits. 
  • Pension Credit – if you are aged over 66, which is State Pension age, this can give you extra money to help with your living costs if you’re on a low income. 
  • Disability and Carer Benefits, including: 
    • Personal Independence Payment – this helps with extra living costs if you have a long-term mental or physical health condition or disability that causes difficulty with everyday tasks or getting around. 
    • Child Disability Living Allowance – this may help with the extra costs of living with a child who is under 16 and needs extra care or has walking difficulties. 
    • Attendance Allowance – if you are aged over 66 and have a mental of physical disability this may help with the extra costs of your care. 
    • Carer’s Allowance – you may be able to claim this if you care for someone for at least 35 hours a week. 

To find out more about the full range of benefits you might be eligible for, visit:  

Translation services are available to help new arrivals with phone applications, and Work Coaches in DWP Jobcentres can support people making claims online. 

DWP staff are also delivering additional face-to-face assistance to those who need it – including support to find work and advice on claiming benefits – and will continue to do so. 


Individuals who are currently still in Ukraine and unable to return to the UK should check the guidance from the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office. 

If you are currently in receipt of a benefit and unable to return to the UK, DWP will look to take a flexible and understanding approach and you should contact your Work Coach, the relevant disability benefit helpline, or the relevant Local Authority for housing benefit for further advice.