How Universal Credit helps make things easier

No matter what your circumstances, Universal Credit is a modern system that helps make sure you’re getting all the financial support you’re entitled to in one place, and all the help that’s right for you.

Single payments

Universal Credit replaces 6 different benefits and tax credits to help make sure you’re getting everything you’re entitled to. You only need to make one application, and the system will work out the right amount for your circumstances.

By getting this support as a single payment, you should find it easier to manage your money. You’ll get your payments on the same day of every month, so you can plan how and when you pay your rent and other household bills. Plus this makes it easier to see how much you have coming in, which will help you budget and take control of your finances.

If you have a partner who lives with you, you’ll get a single payment for your whole household. Your joint payment will take the circumstances of both of you into account, so you can budget as a whole household.

And if you’re having trouble managing your money, there are options that could help you get back on track:

  • Universal Credit housing costs paid straight to your landlord
  • More frequent payments, for example twice a month
  • Payments split between 2 bank accounts

Use our Benefits Checker to get a quick idea of what you might be entitled to, or use a Benefits calculator for a more detailed picture, including how much you might get.

Read more about Universal Credit payments including how and when you’ll be paid.

Manage your claim online

With Universal Credit you get an online account so you can manage your claim whenever is best for you. Through your account you can:

You can also contact your work coach through your online account, so you don’t need to wait to speak to them in person or over the phone.

Read more about using your online account

The support you need

Dedicated work coach support

If you can work now or in the future, you’ll be given a work coach to help you achieve your job goals. They will get to know you so they can understand your situation, and so provide the support that will make the biggest difference to you.

Your work coach will be there for you throughout your journey back to work, and can even continue to advise you once you’ve started a job.

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If you have a health condition or disability

If you have a health condition or disability that prevents you from working, or limits the amount of work you can do, Universal Credit can support you.

If you can’t work at all you could receive additional amounts as part of your Universal Credit payments.

If you can’t work now but may be able to prepare for work – with the aim of working in the future – your work coach can provide support and advice that will help you move closer to starting work. This could include:

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