Universal Credit and landlords

4. Landlord Portal

What is the Landlord Portal?

The Universal Credit Landlord Portal allows social rented sector landlords to verify rent and submit managed payment requests online, rather than by email.

Through it, social rented sector landlords can:

  • verify tenants’ housing costs
  • request a Managed Payment to Landlord (MPTL)
  • request a deduction for rent arrears
  • request a more frequent payment to tenants
  • view Alternative Payment Arrangement (APA) payments
  • amend tenancy reference numbers
  • manage their Landlord Portal users’ access
  • manage and upload their property list

Who can use the Landlord Portal?

The Landlord Portal is currently only available for tenants making a new Universal Credit claim, or existing claims when a tenant has a change of circumstances that requires a rent verification. It is not available for private rented sector landlords.

To use the Landlord Portal, you must have all of the following:

  • Housing stock that is let via a local authority housing register or allocation process which is based upon greatest need
  • Housing stock that is let at a rent below market rate through a housing register
  • General needs properties as part of your housing stock (this does not include properties used as temporary, supported or specified accommodation, hostels or shared ownership).

DWP cannot accept new requests to enrol onto the Landlord Portal and Trusted Partner Scheme at the moment. If you are already enrolled, you can continue to access the portal as usual.

Notifications: Changes and improvements to the Landlord Portal

DWP are continually improving the Landlord Portal. Changes to the service will be published here.

Landlord Portal Verification & Automation Tools – (Updated December 2023)

Changes to Absent Joint Tenants – (Updated December 2022)

Closure of Claim Pending status – letter to Universal Credit Landlord Portal users, 15 September 2021

Changes to support arrangements – letter to all Universal Credit Landlord Portal users, 30 November 2020


Click on the links below to access detailed guidance about the Landlord Portal.

Alternative Payment Arrangements (APA) Requests – how to request an APA or Third Party Deduction for recovery of arrears

Changing tenancy reference numbers – how to change a tenancy reference number or add a number if none is held on the Landlord Portal

Housing queries routeway – where to go for help

Initial user setup – guidance for signing into the Landlord Portal

Mergers – what to do if your organisation mergers with another

Payment alignment feature guidance – summary of the process for payment of APA’s

Registered Landlord Portal users – a list of all landlords registered on the Landlord Portal

Rent verification – guidance to support Landlords to verify tenant housing costs

Report tenant housing costs – how landlords can update housing costs

Self help guide – common questions and answers about using the Landlord Portal

Uploading property guide – how to upload a property list to the Landlord Portal

User access and control guidance – how to manage who has access to the Landlord Portal

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