Tax credits are ending

3. What will I get on Universal Credit?

On Universal Credit, many people will be entitled to the same amount they received from their previous benefits, or more.

If the amount you are entitled to on Universal Credit is less than your existing benefits, a top up amount is available. This is called Transitional Protection.

You can get the Transitional Protection if you have received a Migration Notice letter from DWP and make a claim by the deadline date on your letter.

If you’d like more help understanding what you could be entitled to on Universal Credit you can check an independent benefits calculator or find an independent local benefits advisor to speak to through Advice Local

It’s worth keeping in mind that if you owe money, you may have to start repaying an amount from your Universal Credit payments each month. For example, tax credits customers may find they will need to pay back tax credit overpayments when they move to Universal Credit, and this could be deducted from a Universal Credit payment as debt

If you are unsure whether you have tax credit overpayments, or how much they might be, you can check with HMRC

When you’re on Universal Credit, if you need help with managing benefit money that you owe, you can talk to DWP about re-payment options.