Branching out: Taking your existing skills in a new direction

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When looking for a new job, it’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming you are only capable of doing one thing: the job you’re already doing.

That may be true, but whether you’re a lifeguard, a metalworker or an admin assistant, you’re building up a pool of skills that can make you more than qualified for a role in a new sector… you just have to look for it.

Assess your skills

Assessing your skills is easy – Nobody knows you better than you know yourself. But convincing others that your skills are relevant to them can be the tricky part. When you’re putting together a CV or job application, your use of language is important — As is, wherever possible, bundling it together with an example.

Identify skills you can use in other jobs

Say you work in a coffee shop. Frothing milk is a very specific skill, but not one hugely suited for an office environment.

So how do you identify skills you can use in other jobs? Well, do you get on well with your workmates? Then hype those people skills you’ve been developing. Have you been asked to help a new barista come to terms with the coffee machine? You have experience in leadership and training. Asked to lock-up or open the shop in the morning? You’re clearly punctual and trustworthy.