Already claimed

3. If you don’t have an online account

Everyone who makes a new Universal Credit claim will set up an online account. But some people who have already made their claim won’t have been asked to.

If you don’t have an online account you will manage your claim by phone or by visiting the jobcentre.

If you are required to look for work, you will set up an account on a website called Find a job. You can use this site to look for work and keep a record of some of the things you’ve done to find a job. You can also find tips and advice about jobs, CVs and interviews on The Daily Jobseeker

Your work coach will talk you through other ways in which you will keep a record of the things you’ve done in return for receiving Universal Credit.

Each month you will receive a letter showing your Universal Credit payment for that month and how it was calculated.

If you need to talk to the Department for Work and Pensions you will usually call the Universal Credit helpline